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Investment Loans


Range of loan options

Available for standard and specialised commercial properties

Range of loan options

Loans up to 100% with a guarantor or additional collateral, valued from $1M through to $5M.


Best deal

Access Australia’s top non-bank lenders for reliable investment financing

How can Wefund help?

If you’re a property developer, low-risk commercial property investor, highly-geared commercial property investor or corporate borrowers looking for investment finance, Wefund can help.

Key factors that influence property investment lenders, such as Wefund, are their tolerance to risk, the types of security they prefer and how they verify income. Because different types of security offer varying degrees of risk, standard commercial properties are usually the most attractive to property investment lenders.

Examples of good security include commercially-zoned premises like factories or office buildings, but can also include shops, warehouses, land, blocks of flats or blocks of strata units. Specialised commercial properties are more difficult to value and sell so they naturally present a higher risk. Consequently, they may need a higher deposit and a more comprehensive valuation.

When can we provide investment finance?

You want to buy or refinance a commercial property that will be leased
You want to buy or refinance a commercial property that is leased to, or occupied by, your business
You need to finance day-to-day business operations or liquidity shortfalls
For business or commercial purposes, such a buying a business

Types of Properties








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Investment Loan Terms


Up to 75%

Loan Amount

Up to $500m

Term Length

Up to 2 years

Special Conditions

Will focus on income generated from asset in isolation, not the group position

Why use Wefund for your property investment loan?

We offer fast, transparent non-bank property and development finance through our pre-qualified pool of over 60 lenders.

We’ve reinvented the way property developers and business owners obtain investment finance. Our platform streamlines the lending process using the latest technology for quicker, more reliable, and secure construction funding. This process is based on a proven structure used by Australia’s best commercial brokers, such as Wefund.

Wefund is more than just a technology platform, however. Our specialist team supports you to structure your application before it’s presented to the most appropriate lenders on our platform. After reviewing all the information, lenders are then free to submit their terms to finance a deal.

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